Transforming CENTRAL Ohio Together

Transformation can’t happen without working hard and working together. Every day, SWACO and Central Ohioans are working hand in hand to achieve a healthier and more sustainable future. This kind of change is being done by expanding and enhancing our regional efforts to reduce waste, and recycle and compost more. Together, we are making a difference for our environment, economy and entire community.


A Letter from Ty Marsh and Susan Tilgner
30% increase in residential trash at the start of the pandemic
$192,600 awarded to 14 local partner projects
98% of households have curbside recycling
256,000 pounds of food waste composted through community drop off sites
Shield emblem
Landfill Operations

Progressing in the Pandemic

While many residents stayed safe at home, SWACO’s Operations team continued to report for duty. Learn how these everyday heroes ensured the community’s waste was safely addressed.

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Recycling bin
Residents and Businesses

Reducing Waste and Improving Recycling

In communities around Central Ohio, we are continuing to reduce waste and recycle right. Learn more about the progress we’ve made in the past year. Highlights include new residential recycling achievements, contactless drop-off programs and commercial recycling resources.

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Cut Food Waste Together

Fostering Regional Collaboration

Hundreds of partners have come together to help solve the issue of food waste. Learn about those efforts and how they’re gaining national recognition.

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Non-Profits, Schools and Universities

Advancing Sustainability Goals

See how SWACO puts sustainability into action through support for local partner projects and how we pivoted in 2020 to reach people in a mostly virtual world.

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Flower and dollar
Recycling Results

Leveraging the Waste Stream

Reducing waste and recycling right isn’t just advantageous for the planet – it’s good for the economy, too. Explore the economic benefits recycling has for hundreds of businesses in the Central Ohio Region and how SWACO is helping to grow this industry.

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CO2 cloud
The Plan

Reducing Our Emissions

There's no getting around the fact that that climate change plays a critical role in our future. Learn about how SWACO is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 64% by 2032 and how you can get involved too.

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2021 and Onward

Planning for the Future

Central Ohio’s recycling and sustainability efforts are getting noticed but we’re not done yet. Learn about what we have in store for 2021 and beyond that will help us reach greater rates of diversion and further reduce our reliance on the landfill.

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